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Everything you need to start & grow your Instagram store

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For GenZs, building a personal brand is second nature because of the influence of Social Media like Instagram.

But, these seller’s struggle with

  1. 1Sourcing products
  2. 2Getting new customers
  3. 3Managing hundreds of inquiries
  4. 4Shipping
  5. 5No time to manage store with regular work.

One platform
to start & grow
your small business.

One Platform

How it Works?

Upload and Get your Oyela Link...
Your Oyela link is your Small Business Identity. It has all details that your buyers want to see, trust & shop directly.
How It Works !
Connect Oyela with your IG and get more orders automatically...
When you upload on Oyela, you can simply export products as Shoppable Instagram Posts in 1 click. When someone comments on that post, they will automatically get the product link in their Instagram DMs.
How It Works !
Collaborate with other stores to get more reach...
Collaborate with other stores & get featured in their Oyela links. Their audience can now view & shop your products too.
How It Works !
Oyela Subscriber list gets built up. Broadcast to them...
As more people visit your profile, they will subscribe to your store. You can broadcast to them & get more repeat orders.
How It Works !
Manage all your orders in just 1 click with Oyela...
More active you are, the more orders you get. After you receive an order, schedule shipping via Oyela and earn. We take care of shipping and other nuances while you grow your business.
How It Works !

Want to start your store but busy to source...

Start your store by endorsing other seller’s products.


Import products from your favourite stores


Build your profile


Start selling to your Audience.

On getting an order, the store ships the product to your customer.

Earn margins on all sales you make.

We will make you successful



Who can use Oyela?

The following people can use Oyela for their business

  • Product Curators - Individuals self sourcing and curating products from local markets. They own the stock
  • Handmade Stores - Individuals making jewellery, personal care products themselves, they own the stock.
  • New Age Resellers - Instagram stores selling GenZ centric products sourced via online vendors
  • Own Labels - Aspirational individuals starting their own labels
  • Social Sellers - Aspirational Individuals who want to start their own stores, but dont know how OR doesn’t have time to source & fulfil orders

PS- You CANNOT sell used products on Oyela.

I don’t have time to source/make/ship orders. Can I start my store using Oyela?

Yes, Start your store by endorsing other seller’s products. Simply import products from your favourite stores to build your Oyela profile and start selling to your Audience.

On getting an order, the store ships the product to your customer. You earn margins on all sales your make

How will I get more orders using Oyela?

You can get more orders by following 5 steps through Oyela.

  • Add your Oyela link in your Instagram Bio.
  • Export Products as Shoppable Posts to your Instagram Business Account.
  • Add Oyela Product links and make instagram stories shoppable.
  • Collaborate 🤝 with other stores & get featured in their Oyela stores. Their audience can now view your products too 📈. (Heard of Shoutout-for-Shoutout?)
  • As more people visit your profile, your Oyela subscriber list gets built. Broadcast to them & get more repeat orders. You can also ask your social media audience to subscribe to your Oyela store 💥

Can I earn by collaborating with other sellers?

Yes Definitely!

Say you have collaborated 🤝 with a store and their products are endorsed in your Oyela store. If anyone visiting your Oyela store purchases the endorsed product, you earn a margin of the sales.

Now imagine vice versa, if your products are endorsed in 100 other seller’s profiles, imagine the amount of reach and sales you’ll be getting.

How to maximise my earnings?

The best way to maximise your earnings is to have a healthy mix of your own products and other seller’s endorsed products in your oyela link. That way, on sale of your products, you earn the full amount and on sale of endorsed products, you earn margins.

When will I get paid?

You get paid within 48-72 hrs after a product has been shipped

How to ship an order?

When you receive an order, you have 2 options to ship.

  • You can ship the products yourself and upload the tracking details in Oyela App. As soon as you upload the tracking details, the customer is notified via Whatsapp
  • You can use Oyela’s shipping partners to schedule a doorstep pickup. You can schedule this via the Oyela app.

How much commission Oyela takes?

We don't charge any commission for selling via Oyela. However, a 2% service fee is charged on all orders as Payment Gateway Charges.

What if a buyer raises an issue with the order?

Oyela is a community of trusted small businesses and we want users to feel safe when they purchase from any small businesses/ instagram store.